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“The more mindful you are,

the less stress you’ll experience.


The less stress you experience,

the more clarity you have.


The more clarity you have,

the less complex your life is.


The less complex your life is,

the more peace and success you’ll enjoy.


Mindfulness, clarity, & simplicity are the keys”

                                                       Steve Connell


Steve’s observation is that the modern business and work environment seems to foster more complexity and more stress, and that impacts the quality and effectiveness of one’s leadership and relationships everywhere in life.


Pressure and stress create a fog in your mind which leads to excessive thinking, feelings of overwhelm, and anxiety – and a tendency to react blindly rather than respond wisely. Clarity & simplicity disappear.


Quieting “the voice inside your head” becomes increasingly difficult, and finding the peace required to process the world, make good choices, and communicate effectively seem challenging, if not impossible.


Steve is passionately committed to guiding business leaders and managers who want to live stress-free lives full of well-being, focus, and effectiveness, and are prepared to make that choice.


Steve believes living a life of greater clarity, with less complexity and stress, starts with your ability to be mindful in every area of your life; to be absolutely calm, peaceful, and present in any situation, able to operate with mental clarity and focus.


Born in Hawkes Bay, Steve has spent 30 years based in Australia. He has a strong background in corporate and professional accounting, business consulting and crisis management, leadership training, sales & customer service training and business coaching. Steve has trained & coached in Australia, Asia and New Zealand.


Developing a personal Mindfulness Practice has had a profound impact on Steve’s life and career. He has now developed a Mindfulness-Based Leadership Development Program to help his clients achieve more in their careers, businesses and life.


Steve is accredited as a Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation teacher by the world-renowned Gawler Foundation in Australia.


Click here for more info on our Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation Courses (MBSM), including MBSM for Blokes (a men’s only group!)




















"This short time with Steve spent learning a valuable self-administered intervention/skill has made a real difference to how I approach day to day life….I feel more present, more calm and less driven to comment, and more willing or able to take in more of what is happening around me enabling me to make more informed decisions. Steve delivered the course with professionalism and compassion, went where the group needed to go, and accommodated individuals when required."

David Warrington - Health Sector Executive



"The busier you are in life, the more benefit you  will get from this course."

 Chris G - Manager


Graduate Certificate in Adult Education and Training

Monash University  Melbourne,  Australia


Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

International Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainers' Association (INLPTA)


"I can only totally recommend this. Steve is a great facilitator, very down-to-earth, and its great to be with a group of men. And, it works!  

Warwick T - International Consultant




Winter Mindfulness Course

A practical and effective introduction

to developing a mindful approach

to your everyday life

Mindfulness Course
for Men

 Our signature 8 week Mindfulness Course -     attend in the company of other men


Corporate Programs
On Request

In-House Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness-Based ​Leadership Development 

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