The course provides a good mixture of theory and practical application, and guided meditations are done in each session. MBSM is simple, practical and easy to apply in day to day life. A comprehensive Workbook is provided for reference and further reading, and all meditations introduced during the course are provided on a USB stick for home use.

Week One


The difference between Mindfulness and Meditation


Different styles of Meditation


The Three steps of MBSM


Preparation for Meditation

  • Relaxation and the Relaxing Body Scan


Benefits of Meditation

Week Four


Mindfulness of Body

  • Cultivating practical body awareness and body sense


The Four Access Points Meditation


Mindfulness of Thoughts

  • Distinguishing between Thinking and Awareness


Resistance to Meditation and the Antidotes


Dealing with Thoughts

Week Two


An Overview of Healing


Stress Response versus Relaxation Response

  • How Meditation can restore balance


Preparation for Meditation

  • Posture and Environment


Mindfulness of Breath Meditation

Week Five


Mindfulness of Emotions

  • Choosing to be present


Two aspects of Emotion

  • Repressive Coping


The Centering Meditation


Connecting with Feelings and practicing self-compassion


Week Three


The two aspects of the mind

  • The nature of the thinking mind

  • Excessive Thinking and the antidotes


Mindfulness of Breath and concentration


Preparation for Meditation

  • Attitude

Week Six


Mindfulness into Stillness

  • The nature of Stillness


Stillness and Movement


Qualities of Stillness


Noticing the Still and Silent Background of Awareness Meditation

Week Seven


Choosing to be Present

  • Practicing mindfulness in daily life


Pushing the ‘Pause’ Button

  • Mini meditations and the Centering Exercise


Loving Kindness Meditation

Week Eight


The complete Mindfulness-based Stillness Meditation Practice


Gratitude Meditation

Winter Mindfulness Course

A practical and effective introduction

to developing a mindful approach

to your everyday life

Mindfulness Course
for Men

 Our signature 8 week Mindfulness Course -     attend in the company of other men


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